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[SWAG CODE] MOBILE Swag Bucks Day!

Fridays on has always been a day for big wins with MSBD -- but now, the site is taking their wins to mobile! Starting today, Jan 17th, Mega Swag Bucks Day is now Mobile Swag Bucks Day!  

What is Mobile Swag Bucks Day? It is a day filled with opportunities to win bonus Swag Bucks for sharing images of your Swag Buck wins on your mobile phone. To win, share any SB award from a mobile device, such as:
Search win from the mobile app Answering the Daily Poll on the mobile app Discover awards on the mobile app Awards for watching SBTV Mobile Awards for watching EntertaiNOW app Redeeming a Swag Code on the mobile app  Just take a screenshot of your win and share it on Swagbucks Facebook or Swagbucks Twitter including #MSBD and your swag name. Throughout the day we will randomly choose members and award them 25 SB!

One way to get your next mobile win from Swagbucks is this Swag Code for 3 SB: MobileSBDay

Only Time: Jan 17th, 6am - 7am PT (9am - 10am ET or 2pm - 3pm GMT)Where: US…