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Bzzzzzzzz.....I would LOVE to review a Amazon Kindle

BzzAgent + Amazon Kindle = Awesomeness!!!!

I would be excited as a queen bee ready to mate to get on the Amazon Kindle campaign.  I love books and the digital era we live in today and feel so lucky to be a part of it. And nothing would be better than an electronic device full of knowledge, full of imagination to be explored!!! A Kindle is something that I envision everyone having to have in the next couple years just like a cell phone. Books are important to every age range in the planet and a very important part of survival.

Its like the journey from VHS to DVD to Blu Ray. We are going from books to Kindles!!! We evolved and are ready for all things digital. Maybe we can save more trees this way. Less paper more download. 


UPDATE: 09/08/11  I made the cut!!! 

Greetings BzzAgent yamiec,

Nice work! Your Daily Bzz tweet earned you a spot in the upcoming Kindle BzzCampaign, launching with! in the next couple weeks.

Once it’s ready to go, we’ll send you an invite (and then s…

CROWDTAP - Old Navy Flip Flops review

I am an Old Navy fashionista who loves testing out brand new styles, and I have been selected for a chance to participate in the Old Navy Style Council’s FLIP FLOP Crowdtap event! Woohooo!!! I received my flip flops in the mail and to my surprise they were exactly like the ones i had just bought couple months back...Until I tried them on.

    I love the new design, feel and quality of new flip flops. I have the older version (same color too - black) and just by putting on blindfold you can tell the difference and i love it. Change is definitely good in this case. They are comfortable and i can not address enough how amazing they feel. Feel so good you forget you are      wearing sandals at all. The strap is just right and they did something to change it because between my toes doesn't hurt with this new version. Also the bed of the flip flop doesn't bug the bottom of my foot like the previous ones did after a long time wearing. Like I said you forget you have sandals on!!!!…

CROWDTAP - Pinkberry Party Review

Back in July I was chosen to do a Pinkberry Party for Crowdtap
Here is my report:

Our party was so much fun but it was a little hectic at first because the kids were soo excited about being at pinkberry. We stoped by a party city and bought some paper hats and a birthday candle because we decided to make it a birthday/pinkberry party. We were celebrating my sons 2nd birthday and my kids love it so we thought it'd be perfect. So we went with birthday theme. My Hubby was there but he worked more as our photographer that hes in hardly any pictures. It really was so delicious and refreshing. We had the party indoors. Our pinkberry is not self serve but it was still really cool to take pictures while they were preparing our pinkberry.

I choose to go with half mango / original tart pinkberry. I wore a black dress that had some pink and green flowers which was so perfect because i love kiwis, watermelon, and I also added mango. I wore some green high heels steve madden.. My children and …


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