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Old Navy Activewear Sample Share Review

As part of the Old Navy Style Council I received another amazing opportunity to try out Old Navy Activewear. I received an in store coupon for one activewear outfit of my choice. Top and Bottom. The best part another coupon to share this experience with a friend.

I choose my Mommy Friend Jazzmin. This was her first sample share event and I just knew she would have a great time. We both Brought our kids along for a semi play-date and made sure to bring enough gadgets and toys for them to be entertained while we tried on different outfits and it worked out perfectly! Plus our kids being entertained made the experience even more enjoyable.

We tried on 4 outfits each. Loved the color combinations and active wear jackets and sweaters. They had so much that we did not try the tops. I knew purple was going to be the winner for me. My friend also loved a jacket right away. Looking for our sizes was so easy. It was so organized and was really easy to choose what we were going to try. …