Bzzzzzzzz.....I would LOVE to review a Amazon Kindle

BzzAgent + Amazon Kindle = Awesomeness!!!!

I would be excited as a queen bee ready to mate to get on the Amazon Kindle campaign.  I love books and the digital era we live in today and feel so lucky to be a part of it. And nothing would be better than an electronic device full of knowledge, full of imagination to be explored!!! A Kindle is something that I envision everyone having to have in the next couple years just like a cell phone. Books are important to every age range in the planet and a very important part of survival.

Its like the journey from VHS to DVD to Blu Ray. We are going from books to Kindles!!! We evolved and are ready for all things digital. Maybe we can save more trees this way. Less paper more download. 


UPDATE: 09/08/11  I made the cut!!! 

Greetings BzzAgent yamiec,

Nice work! Your Daily Bzz tweet earned you a spot in the upcoming Kindle BzzCampaign, launching with! in the next couple weeks.

Once it’s ready to go, we’ll send you an invite (and then shortly thereafter the product) so you can get in on the fun. You deserve it! 

***Wooohooo!!! Can't wait to review!! You can score great campaigns too just join BZZAGENT.COM


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