CROWDTAP - Pinkberry Party Review

Back in July I was chosen to do a Pinkberry Party for Crowdtap
Here is my report:

Our party was so much fun but it was a little hectic at first because the kids were soo excited about being at pinkberry. We stoped by a party city and bought some paper hats and a birthday candle because we decided to make it a birthday/pinkberry party. We were celebrating my sons 2nd birthday and my kids love it so we thought it'd be perfect. So we went with birthday theme. My Hubby was there but he worked more as our photographer that hes in hardly any pictures. It really was so delicious and refreshing. We had the party indoors. Our pinkberry is not self serve but it was still really cool to take pictures while they were preparing our pinkberry.

I choose to go with half mango / original tart pinkberry. I wore a black dress that had some pink and green flowers which was so perfect because i love kiwis, watermelon, and I also added mango. I wore some green high heels steve madden.. My children and hubby also dressed for the occasion my daughter wearing a glittery black and white dress attached with a turquoise and blue tutu with colorful butterfly strappy sandals and she choose watermelon / tart flavor pinkberry with all the fresh fruit, gummi bears, and pink chocolate candie & blueberries, and my son wore blue shirt with some sponge bob trunks. He loves chocolate so we did half tart half chocolate and he got strawberries, chocolate chips & a big number 2 on top of it, my hubby wore green button shirt with jeans. He worked so hard to take our shots. He got just tart with strawberry, kiwi, mini yogurt topping, pineapple and mango.

We sang Happy Birthday and Logan blew out his 2nd Birthday candle and we all enjoyed the freshness of our Pinkberry Yogurt while looking super cute for our party. Thank you to Pinkberry & Crowdtap!



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