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I brought My Mom with me

My Review on Compression Pants and GoDry Top

 I was very excited when I was selected for a chance to participate in the Old Navy Style Council’s Active by Old Navy event with Crowdtap. It came at a really great time because I had just started working out to the P90x program. I received two coupons for a free pair of Women’s Compression Pants and a free Women’s GoDry top of choice and an additional coupon to share with 1 person.

          As soon as the coupons arrived I called my Mom and told her the great news. We were going to try on some Old Navy active gear for free and we would be able to take a pair home!! I chose my Mom because she is very active herself. She works out every morning. Weather its a walk to the park, zumba or bicycle everyday she makes sure to include a workout in her day. 

I on the other hand had just started working out and this made me super excited because now i can really feel motivated about my workouts. Workout mode to the max. Not no lazy frumpy feeling with the usual sweatpants and t shirt. 

 Mom and I entered the Old Navy with an idea of what we were going to chose just from looking on the Old Navy website. We were able to get a big fitting room and I explained to the employee that we would be in there for quite a while trying on all kinds of active wear for Crowdtap. She was really nice and told us if we needed any assistance or other sizes to let her know. The fitting room was also right next to the active wear section so it was really easy to just run out and see a different size.

We chose different workout outfits. And some single items not matched. Compression pants, yoga pants, compression leggings, active capris, block compression and active performance jackets, as well as some compression tank tops and running tops.

We went around the whole active wear section and it was really easy to chose what we wanted to try right away. Everything was so well organized and we never had any problem finding our sizes. Every item we liked and had seen online was there in front of us.

 I tried on all kinds of active wear but my favorite seemed to be the matching Carbon color compression pants with active wear jacket. I started really loving the color and the fit. It really is so comfortable and easy for you to move in. I can tell right away it would be a hard choice  because already i fell in love with my first outfit i tried.

  My Mom decided to try Compression jacket in Black Jack with the compression pants in black and pink. She really loved this set right away. Not only the way it hugged her body but she always gravitates towards purple and this jacket had purple and pink so she really put this as her top choice.She said she felt like this set would make her keep going. She didn't feel like this would itch or make her want to take off right away and would also be easy to wear for everyday chores.

 Next we tried on a jacket we were both really into. The Hooded running top in purple iris color. I was blown away by the way it looked on me and It kind of put my 1st choice in the back seat. I really loved the way it felt and the way it looked. My Mom liked it to but she didn't want us both to get the same thing so she tried it on but decided if I were to get it she would not plus she really liked the Compression jacket in Black Jack.I loved the way it looked on me and I decided this would be the one for me.

The compression pants that matched with the purple iris jacket fit perfect and made me feel leaner right away. They fit like a glove and were really easy to put on and off. My skin feels like it can breathe and move without discomfort.
My mom tried the active performance jacket but she did not like it as much as she liked the compression jacket. She also wanted more color. Plain black she thought wasn't happy enough. And more importantly she wanted something that would be bright for those early morning jogs to the park. She wanted to be more visible in the dark.  

When i wear my  active wear i feel like my workout is complete and i look good while getting my fitness on. I feel more motivated and in the zone. It makes me feel pumped up and to me it actually makes me want to work out longer and look more forward to my workouts. If i am in some frumpy sweats i feel frumpy. I love active wear because besides making you feel better it makes you look good. Something about the way they make you look longer and leaner. I have been using my new active workout gear to go running, workout at home, the gym as well as normal chores around the house and running errands.

This is what I chose
This is what my Mom chose.
My Mom also bought some workout shoes for $10
We are so thankful for this opportunity. We chose the perfect active wear outfit that fit perfect, matched our personality and style and more importantly gave us a boost of motivation and confidence. 

If you are interested in checking out active wear by old navy go to chose shop by category and click on active wear 

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