Crowdtap Old Navy Beach Bum Party Review

I am a lucky member of the stylish and influential Old Navy Style Council and had a wonderful opportunity to host an in-store party with 3 of my lucky friends filled with fun & shopping. I have hosted these Old Navy/Crowdtap parties before but this one I was very excited about because it is summer time and it's beach accessories we would be sampling. 4 items each. Beach bag, sunglasses, flip flops and beach towel. This time around I wanted to pick 3 lucky friends who had never came along with me before but I also wanted to include my Mother because she is in real need of summer accessory updating. I always talk about Crowdtap opportunities so I immediately knew what friends to chose who had seemed so intrigued and curious about the whole experience. 

I chose my Mother who was over the moon to be a part of this opportunity again, my coworker Christina who jumped up in excitement and did a happy dance, and and my good friend Sharon who also brought her little girl to keep my little girl entertained while we shopped and the girls had lots of fun of there own. 

We met at Northridge, CA. Old Navy store, gave each of my guests a shopping cart and a coupon and an example of what to get. I spoke to a dressing room attendant and explained what we were doing in case they were bothered by everything we were trying on or pictures being taken in the store and they were really nice about it and even helped take some pictures. We all got to go around the whole store searching for the perfect summer accessories as described on the booklet. Sampling and taking tons of pictures of the season’s hottest beach finds! 

We started with the flip flops. There were so many colors to chose from. Actually a whole wall to chose from. We each grabbed a couple we really liked. The booklet said flip flops and even had a picture of some heeled flip flop sandals so we thought we were pretty free to get anything that was a flip flop. Some had little embellished accents or had a strap to go around heel. 
Next up was beach towels. Beach towels were really easy to chose because there was tons of stock. We each had a favorite right away.  

From Towels to beach bags!!! 
I was really excited about this particular item because i was looking forward to a straw beach bag like the one in the booklet but this Old Navy had most of their beach bags on clearance which left very little to chose from. 
This was the only bag that qualified
This was not considered a beach bag but was in the beach section
 and 3 out of 4 of us had wanted this one

Last but not least SUNGLASSES!! So many styles and colors. 
We spent so much time on the sunglasses. 
They had the cutest selection. 

Christina couldn't decide which she wanted. 
We thought she looked so good in either choice. 

                                   My Mom & Sharon knew right away what they wanted

I was really loving the blue.
Our items we each choose
After about 2 hours of searching for the perfect items to redeem our coupons for we were headed to the cashiers. 

Suprisingly most of the items we choose did not qualify. It was very disappointing, embarrasing because there was a huge line and its 4 of us with 4 cashiers scrabbling to find out what to do. At first they started telling us we can only get One item each so a manager was called over. They straight-ed that out and they said most our items were not qualified to be used with the coupons. The problem was the flip flops had to be plain no jewels, heel or strap. Just plain flip flop. The beach bags were very limited and what we choose we were told were not beach bags but were in the beach wear section of the store. All the sunglasses we were told none qualified because they are a 3rd party brand they sell not part of Old Navy so we all had to put them back and pick from a little plastic bin that they brought to us that had a limited amount of glasses which were mainly mens glasses. The cashiers were very nice about everything and tried there best to bring stuff to the front that we could actually redeem the coupons for but I felt really embarrassed and disappointed that after so much fun my friends had to go through a not so smooth experience in the end. We took so many fabulous pictures but with all the items we originally choose, none of the items we got to go home with. Yet all these items were in the beachwear section of the store. Fun, memorable time none the less. 
We took this pictures as we were about to leave with the items we were able to get :)

We are so thankful for this opportunity.

If you are interested in checking out Old Navy beach accessories go to or stop by a store near you.

If you are interested in joining Crowdtap visit
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