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Value Protection PlansLet’s face it; we completely rely on our cell phones today. What was just a novelty a decade ago is now as connected to us as a set of keys to our home. To call a cell phone a “phone” is almost an insult to all it can do! We use our phones to read and respond to email, send text messages, surf the web, make purchases, play games and more. And if your phone is ever damaged, lost, or worse yet stolen, it is like giving someone the keys to your front door; they have access to everything. 

If something does happen to your cell phone, you’ll need something more than traditional cell phone insurance. You will need comprehensive cell phone protection; like what is offered by ProtectCELL. This type of protection goes beyond taking care of a simple cracked screen or a puddle drop. Many people store way too much personal information on their phones in an effort to save time when accessing different accounts. If you drop your phone, leave it in the back of a cab or it is stolen, it will be very easy for someone to have access to your entire life. ProtectCELL has plan options that can lock your phone down, protect your personal data, and even wipe your phone clean, if needed. This high level of protection will make sure not just your phone is covered, but your personal and financial data is protected. You can even add buy back protection so you can get money back when you want to trade in your phone and upgrade to the latest cool tech.

We often forget that a cell phone is actually a delicate piece of electronic equipment. Unfortunately, we are usually far from delicate when it comes to handling our phones. We throw them on the table with our keys when we get home; we inadvertently drop them when we attempt to quickly pull them out of the case; and sometimes we just aren't paying attention. This is why getting more than just reliable cell phone insurance for your cell phone is important. ProtectCELL will provide you with exactly that.

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