End of Summer BBQ with Cave Tools

This summer flew by in a couple of blinks or so it feels. We had lots of fun in the sun, tons of pool time and best of all BBQ's! My Dad is the grill master of our family. The opportunity to try out a Cave Tools BBQ set made our Family very happy. When I explained to my Dad and presented him with the Cave Tools 3 piece grill set it was like a kid during Christmas. It was unpackaged even before I could take pictures of it in the box. Really easy to un-package. From the moment you look at the set you know it is strong and heavy duty. Stainless steel and dishwasher safe. The set comes with a Barbecue spatula, Grilling Tongs and a Barbecue Fork. If you look closely you will notice a bottle opener within the Barbecue spatula. Awesome for that ice cold bottle while you are cooking.

Exceptional Tools, Delicious Meat and Happy Smile

I have to say this set feels unlike any other set I have ever owned. Tough and bend resistant. We grill so much regardless of season so this seems like it will definitely last. My Dad pointed out that he thought aside from the bottle opener in spatula his favorite part was the thickness of the thongs for those large pieces of New York Steak he makes. No worry of them being weak, bending or breaking when picking up a huge steak off the grill.

Cave Tools 3 piece BBQ set can be purchased directly through their site at: Cave Tools or can also be found at Amazon.com. I have provided my honest opinion and recommend this set for anyone looking to have a long lasting exceptionally priced, high quality set.


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