Hello and welcome to my world. Life of a Mommy, Wifey & fulltime worker looking to save a little in this hard economy.

Switching to a blog is no different then being on fb but at least here it can be more like a journalistic entry of my daily hunt for everything with my own pics, designs and colors. Whether it be hanging out with my Babies, checking out a new product or trying a new food but use this to be more productive and informative. Or like what my Love calls it "My Videogame" cause I'm on it like a Call of Duty Marathon and you know how long those last.

There is so much out there we don't know about and you've noticed by all this awesome stuff I post about seems like daily now. I happen to like the feeling of finding something for close to nothing and sharing it. When I come across it I will gladly let you know. Welcome to my world. :)


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